The Ultra-Rich Have Super-Luxurious Survival Bunkers

What will you do if a North Korean nuclear missile hits America?

What about natural disasters, an alien invasion, or zombie apocalypse? 

Well, guess what the ultra-rich are doing. They're buying underground bunkers! This is considered the ultimate insurance policy against terrorists, nuclear attacks, disease, zombies, you name it. And some of these rich people are investing A LOT in luxury. It seems like they're preparing to be down there for a long time or even looking forward to it; almost like a private penthouse millionaire club party that you're not invited to. 

American based company, Atlas Survival Shelters, plans to build ~1,000 new bunkers over the next year because demand for them has been growing. 

'Not having a bunker is a bit like not having car insurance,' Atlas founder Ron Hubbard, told The Times.

These luxury bunkers are not just popular in America. 10 bunkers are being built in Great Britain next year, more than anywhere else in Europe. The company claims they've built ones for $300,000 for 'A-listers from the UK' in Hollywood, according to The Times

Now, not all bunkers are being sold to people who want to stay away from everyone else out of fear of being attacked by desperate crowds during a disaster. Some people are building communities inside old missile silos with indoor communal hydroponic gardening. They'll even bring a doctor or two down with them. 

Surviving together as a community makes much more sense than hoarding resources alone in a big underground lair. Actually, these two contrasting perspectives may reveal why we've gotten to this dangerous point in history.

Company Vivos says its bunkers are the 'ultimate life assurance solution for a dangerous world' with one in South Dakota spread across 9,000 acres!

Check out some of these impressive underground mansions with pools, gyms, movie theaters, and even a rock climbing wall.

Don't worry, one of the worst things to do in an emergency is to panic. And don't get jealous either because that won't save you. One of the best things we can do to prepare for such a hypothetical apocalypse is to realize why we are all here and to fulfill our purposes in this life. This means looking beyond physical survival instincts, perhaps towards a life-changing spiritual experience.