30-Year-Old Chinese Man Trapped in 2-Year-Old Body, Mother Heart-Broken


A rare and unknown condition has kept this 30-year-old Chinese man trapped inside his child-size body for decades. He stopped growing at just two years old and his mother has been lovingly taking care of him all these years. 


His name is Wang Tianfang and was born in 1987 in rural eastern China's Wangfan Village of Yuexi County in Anhui Province, according to state-run CCTV.com. He stands only 2 feet 7 inches tall and needs constant attention to care for him.

Opposite of what one might expect, Tianfang cannot talk and his 52-year-old mother, Chu Xiaoping, is heart-broken longing to hear him call her "mama." She said his intelligence stopped developing with his body. 

The boy's father is gone, so his mother has been picking tea leaves in the mountains and working as a part-time cleaning lady in town to earn a living while having time to dress him up and feed him during meal times. Despite neighbors telling her to abandon him and have another child, she hasn't given up on her only son. 

Tianfang's skin cracks in cold weather.

Tianfang's skin cracks in cold weather.

"I will look after Tianfang no matter what. All I wish is for his life to extend. I do not wish to see him die."