Are Pyramids Proof Of An Ancient Advanced Civilization?

In our modern era, it cannot be denied that the ancient pyramids of Giza have somewhat become the “apple of mankind’s eyes." This is not just because we revel at their distinctiveness as a tourist destination, but mainly because these ancient structures are vestiges of a once-thriving civilization that had a unique history and culture.



The oldest and the largest of the Egyptian pyramids found at the vast desert landscape of Giza is the Great Pyramid. Believed to have been built for and by the will of the Pharaoh Khufu at some point during his reign in the 26th century BC, the Great Pyramid withstood the test of time. It was one of the biggest buildings on the face of the earth up until the transition to the twentieth century. Standing today at 455 feet (138 meters), this ancient structure is considered by some to be a unique icon of Egyptian legacy and is also the “last construction standing” among the listed Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. 

The second pyramid, known as Khafre's pyramid, is widely believed to have been commissioned by Khufu’s son Khafre, whose reign commenced around 2520 BC. The Great Sphinx monument is also located near the Khafre’s pyramid and dates around the same time as his reign, which has led some scholars to believe that the human face of the Sphinx is that of Khafre himself. 

The third pyramid, which is the smallest out of the three principal pyramids of Giza, was supposedly built to serve as the final resting place of Pharaoh Menkaure. It is believed to have been constructed between 2510 and 2490 BC during his rule.   

Proof of Advanced Ancient Technology:

The pyramid complex of Giza is regarded by many to be an impressive feat of engineering, considering mankind’s knowledge about construction and the technology available to the builders of the time were supposedly primitive. Scholars also deem these pyramids as testimonial relics of the “blood, sweat and tears” of tens of thousands of laborers who worked for decades to erect these ancient structures. 

These ancient buildings have continued to stand their ground for the past 4,500 hundred years, an incomparable achievement that has gained the interest and admiration of many. Part of the fascination over these pyramids is rooted in the curiosity over who built them as well as why and how they were built. These questions have opened an avenue of “new-age” discourse in our modern era, with some going so far as to assert that the ancient pyramids of Egypt could be a remnant of a technologically-advanced ancient civilization. Some even believe the pyramids are proof that ancient visitors of extraterrestrial origin once socially interacted with the people of earth. 

Most talk of advanced ancient civilizations and ancient astronauts is put off as pseudoscientific or fantastical speculation, but those who believe that the pyramids of Giza could have been built using advanced ancient technology have arguments that are just too compelling to ignore. 

Here are ten reasons why the pyramids of Giza could be evidence that Egypt’s ancient civilization once possessed advanced technology, which could be alien in origin. 

1. The Size & Weight of the Pyramids & Their Materials. 


One of the arguments raised by those who believe that the pyramids of Giza were built using advanced alien technology is the colossal size and weight of the pyramids and the materials they were built from. 

Building the Great Pyramid, for example, required the quarrying and transportation of 2.3 million stone blocks. Lifting each of these blocks was not exactly effortless either as these stones weighed between 2.5 to 15 tons. 

Archaeologists and researchers have presented theories of how the laborers of that time managed to quarry and transport these blocks from a nearby source to the site where the pyramid was built. However, many insist that these massive stones were nearly impossible to mine, move and lift given the primitive tools of that era. Since the Great Pyramid took at estimated 20 years to complete, it would have taken the laborers only two and half minutes to set each of the pyramid’s insanely-heavy blocks. 

2. The White Limestone Casings of the Great Pyramid. 

While the Great Pyramid is still a magnificent sight to behold, its current appearance today is nothing but a shadow of its former shining beauty. In the distant past, Egyptians referred to the Great Pyramid as “Ikhet,” which, which translates to “Glorious Light.” The Great Pyramid was once shielded with casings made of white-colored and smooth limestone until a disastrous earthquake in 1303 AD led to its untimely uncoupling. Much like mirrors, the pyramid stones reflected sunlight, which made the pyramid glisten like a crystal in the middle of the desert. 

What’s interesting about these reflective stone casings is not just their shape and appearance, but also the source of the material they were made of. Gathering large amounts of flat and polished limestone meant that tons of these stones had to cross the long stretch of the Nile river before they could be used. For some, this leads to the inevitable question of how those who worked in the construction of the pyramid managed to transport heavy and reflective limestone without the guidance of sophisticated knowledge and machinery.  

3. The Elaborate Tunnel Systems Inside the Pyramids of Giza. 


Archaeologists uncover a secret or two hiding beneath the pyramids of Giza from time to time. Prime examples of these discoveries are the elaborate networks of tunnels hidden under the vast desert. There are those who have dared to explore these passageways and the potential rooms or compartments hidden within, but most are still largely unexplored by people of the 21st century. 

What purpose could these tunnels have possibly served? Until we have the chance to excavate and thoroughly investigate these pathways, there’s still no definite answer to this question. Some believe that there could be an underground city beneath the pyramids of Giza and that this buried metropolis could be thousands of years old. 

4.  Strange Heat Anomalies in Several Areas of the Great Pyramid. 


In 2015, an international team of scientists and architects conducted thermal scans of the pyramids in Giza. To their astonishment, they observed “thermal anomalies” in the pyramids and detected high-temperature heat spots in several areas of the Great Pyramid. Mainstream science proposed that empty chambers, internal air currents and the use of varied construction materials were the causes of these anomalies, but believers of ancient advanced civilizations had something completely different in mind.

They believe that the heat spots come from advanced ancient equipment or machinery hidden beneath the pyramids. Some even speculate that the Great Pyramid of Giza could be an antiquated spacecraft built or brought here on the planet by extraterrestrial beings and that the heat anomalies indicate that the alien ship’s engines are ready to ignite after receiving sufficient energy from the sun for the past few thousand years. 

5. Alignment of the Great Pyramid with True North. 

The position of the Great Pyramid and its alignment with the location of true north is one of the more well-known pieces of evidence for the possibility of a technologically-superior ancient civilization. Although built thousands of years ago, the Great Pyramid is regarded by many to be the most accurately-aligned structure on the planet – yes, even more so than our modern-day Meridian Building in London – with a very minimal degree of error of 3/60th. Moreover, this error is not just a mistake in calculation but is explained by the fact that true north shifts as time passes. This means that the Great Pyramid was perfectly aligned at the time it was built. 

How did the ancient Egyptians manage to design and erect the Great Pyramid with such a high level of accuracy? They did not have a compass, so they must have calculated the alignment using sophisticated algorithms. But if they didn’t even have the knowledge and technology to make a compass, how could they have mathematically extrapolated the Great Pyramid’s near-perfect alignment with the cardinal direction of true north? Theories have attempted to answer this mystery, but experts can’t seem to agree on a single explanation. 

5. Alignment of the Pyramids with the Stars of Orion’s Belt. 


According to the Orion Correlation Theory, which was first presented by Robert Bauval back in 1983, the placement of the three main pyramids in the Giza Plateau aligns with the three main stars of Orion’s Belt. This theory also alleges that the whole outline of the Great Sphinx, the pyramid complex in Giza as well as the Nile River reflects the location of the constellations of Leo, Orion’s Belt and the Milky Way galaxy, in that order.

What’s interesting about this theory is its suggestion that the three pyramids of Giza were precisely aligned with the three stars of the Orion’s Belt in 10,500 BC. If true, this would mean that these pyramids were constructed 12,000 years ago and not 4,500 years in the past as mainstream science has led us to believe. 

7. Eight-Sided Design of the Great Pyramid

While it may initially seem like the Great Pyramid of Giza has four sides just like most pyramids, it is the only one to have been built with eight sides and four slightly-concave faces. 

Also worth mentioning is the degree of precision required in forming all eight sides of the pyramid, with each side indented by one degree of a half-degree, which is not an easy thing to do even in modern times. 

Moreover, all sides of the Great Pyramid cannot be easily seen from the ground or even from afar, and are only visible from above. 

As for what purpose the eight-sided design of the Great Pyramid served, some say that it had the structural purpose of keeping the casing stones from loosening, while others suggest that the indentations are nothing more than the incidental consequence of erosion. Of course, there are also those who believe that multiple-sided pyramid served an astronomical purpose or that it could be a communication device between ancient Egyptians and the extraterrestrial beings that guided them in the distant past. 

Based on the seven reasons we have just enumerated, can we conclude that the pyramids in Giza prove that ancient Egyptians once possessed highly advanced technology that may very well have come from extraterrestrial sources? 
Were our ancestors far more capable than we give them credit for? We may never know. 


7 Government Officials Who Confirmed That Aliens Exist

The question of whether or not there are indeed extraterrestrial life forms has been a hotly-debated issue for a very long time. One side maintains a skeptical standpoint on the subject matter, refusing to believe in alien existence unless government authorities provide definitive proof or positive confirmation. Another side insists that not only do extraterrestrials exist; they have also visited our planet and are perhaps even walking among us today. 

And to these believers, the only reason that this reality has yet to become public knowledge is that government institutions are deliberately hiding this fact by withholding photographic and documentary evidence and by downgrading the credibility of those who have stepped forward and exposed the truth. The conviction of these believers in the existence of extraterrestrial life is further strengthened by the fact that several government officials have stepped forward and admitted to this closely-guarded secret. 


John Podesta – Former Counselor to President Obama


John Podesta, Former Counselor to President Barack Obama. Podesta is currently the chair and counselor of the Washington D.C.-based think tank Center for American Progress, but in the past, he previously served in the U.S. government as an advisor to President Barack Obama and as a chief of staff of President Bill Clinton. He is also known as a “longtime advocate for government disclosure of UFO files,” having provided his support in some petitions to publicly release documents proving that many UFOs are sightings of actual alien spacecraft. He has even expressed in the past that one of his failings while working for the Obama administration is his neglect in successfully releasing UFO files. He also made Hilary Clinton promise that she would “get to the bottom” of the UFO issue if she became the president.

Edgar Mitchell – Astronaut for NASA

Edgar Mitchell, NASA Astronaut. Edgar Mitchell was an aeronautical engineer and a U.S. Navy officer who also served as an astronaut for NASA during the 1971 Apollo 14 moon mission, which makes him the sixth person to have walked on the moon. Mitchell is also a believer in the existence of extraterrestrial beings and went so far as to say that there is currently plenty of hard evidence that we are not alone in the universe and that military authority have taken lengths to make sure that they are not revealed to the public. However, to this day, NASA has denied involvements in such cover-ups about alien life on the planet or anywhere else in the galaxy. 

Paul Hellyer– Canadian Minister of Defense

Paul Hellyer, Former Minister of National Defence of Canada. Paul is a Canadian engineer and politician who is the longest serving member of the Privy Council of Canada and formerly served as the country’s minister of National Defence. Aside from his extensive political career, he is also a firm believer that UFOs are proof that aliens have been visiting our planet frequently, claiming that he had personally seen a UFO at least once in his life. He also urged world governments to unveil hidden alien technology which could be helpful in solving the global problem of climate change. 

Ellen Stofan – NASA Chief Scientist

Ellen Stofan, Former NASA Chief Scientist. Ellen Stofan previously served as the chief scientist of NASA but resigned from her position back in December 2016. In 2015, Stofan predicted that humankind would be discovering definitive proof of alien life “within 20 to 30 years.” She also said:

“We know where to look. We know how to look. In most cases, we have the technology, and we’re on a path to implementing it.”

While her statements may be indirect, to some people, it seemed like she knew more about the existence and actual whereabouts of these alien life forms. 

Phil Schneider– Geologist and Engineer for the U.S. Naval Intelligence


Phil Schneider, Geologist, and Engineer for the U.S. Naval Intelligence. Phil Schneider was a geologist and engineer who supposedly served for the United States Government and allegedly helped in the construction of Deep Underground Military Bases in different parts of the country. He emerged in the 1990s with his story that he survived a battle against alien beings back in 1979, and criticized the government for keeping the American citizens in the dark about the truth. Unfortunately, Schneider supposedly committed suicide in 1996, but the mysterious circumstances of his demise led some people to believe that he was eliminated by the government to maintain the secrecy of alien existence. 

Philip Corso– Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army

Philip Corso, Former Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army. Philip Corso served as an officer in the United States Army between the 1940s and the 1960s. In 1997, he published a book titled “The Day After Roswell,” in which he detailed his involvement in researching about extraterrestrial technology following the alleged recovery of bodies and wreckage from the famous Roswell UFO incident which took place in 1947. Corso also claimed in his book that the U.S. government had reverse engineered the alien technology they found at the site, which resulted in the technological advances that humanity has achieved in recent years. 

Marina Popovich – Retired Soviet Air Force Colonel

Marina Popovich, Retired Colonel of the Soviet Air Force. Marina Popovich is a retired colonel in the Soviet Air Force, and a multiple world record-holder in aviation, making her one of the most renowned Russian pilots in modern history. The esteemed pilot has largely spoken about her experience with UFOs in public lectures as well as in interviews. She also published a book about it back in 2003 titled “UFO Glasnost.” She claimed that there are around 3000 confirmed UFO sightings across the globe and that the KGB and the Soviet Air Force are in possession of UFO fragments from a handful of crash sites across the Soviet territory.

Gordon Cooper – Astronaut for NASA in Project Mercury

Gordon Cooper, Nasa Astronaut for Project Mercury. Gordon Cooper was an American aerospace engineer who is known to be a member of the seven original astronauts in Project Mercury, which was the United States’ first initiative for manned space travel. Cooper was also the first American to sleep in space, having spent 34-hours all alone in space during his orbital mission. In his illustrious career as a pilot, he claimed to have personally experienced a UFO sighting, and he purportedly wrote to the United Nations back in 1978 about his position on this mystery, saying: 

"I do believe UFOs exist and that the truly unexplained ones are from some other technically advanced civilization... I believe that these extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets, which are obviously a little more advanced than we are here on earth...”

The claims of many of these individuals, all of whom had served in government institutions at some point in their lives, have been ignored by the public mainly because the governing bodies they were once a part of had either denied their allegations or had refused to comment on them. But does that mean there isn’t, at the very least, a grain of truth in what these former government officials have said about the existence of extraterrestrial life forms? Is it so hard to believe that there are creatures out there – possibly far more advanced than we are – who have taken a glimpse or two at our planet and our way of life? And, should aliens do exist, is it so unlikely for the world government to keep this truth from us if most of us are potentially unprepared for such a reality?

Perhaps, the day will soon come when our government authorities will deem us ready to see and hear the truth, and will finally put an end to the mystery of whether extraterrestrial beings do exist and are possibly already among us. 


NASA to Disclose Aliens Exist?

When NASA's Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate, Thomas Zurbuchen, recently said “...we are on the verge of making one of the most profound, unprecedented, discoveries in history,” the hacktivist group Anonymous took this out of context, exciting many people with a video claiming NASA will finally disclose the existence of aliens. Dr. Zurbuchen replied to this on Twitter:

"Contrary to some reports, there’s no pending announcement from NASA regarding extraterrestrial life." - @Dr_ThomasZ

So it seems this recent news is not so important as people were led to believe. However, NASA astronauts have actually already been sharing their experiences of UFO's for a long time now. 

NASA Astronaut Whistle Blowers

The existence of aliens and government cover-ups have been some of the hottest topics on the internet practically since it was created and people all over the world have shared their experiences and thoughts on the matter. While anonymous internet users may not be credible or believable, United States astronauts who actually flew into space and have reports documenting their experiences have some very revealing quotes. 

Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Pilot, the Sixth Astronaut on the Moon, a UFO-ologist and Founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences

"I've changed my position in the last two or three years - the last two years to be precise - to suggest that the evidence is strong enough that we really need to have serious open discussion and release of information that it is quite clear the government and other governments do hold, and that this become a part of our official knowledge... Now, whether it's true or not, it deserves to be handled with a serious investigation. There is too much smoke here not to be fire, and so I personally in the last couple of years have come out - I don't know the answers, but I've come out - and I say, this has gone far enough. If it's real, let's get it out in the open; let's break the deadlock that bureaucracy has on this. There is enough evidence pointing in the direction that clearly there is information being withheld. How far we can go with it, I don't know."

Major Gordon Cooper, One of the Original Seven Astronauts Participating in NASA's Project Mercury and the Last American to Fly in Space Alone

"For many years I have lived with a secret, in a secrecy imposed on all specialists in astronautics. I can now reveal that every day, in the USA, our radar instruments capture objects of form and composition unknown to us. And there are thousands of witness reports and a quantity of documents to prove this, but nobody wants to make them public. 

Why? Because authority is afraid that people may think of God knows what kind of horrible invaders. So the password still is: We have to avoid panic by all means."

NASA Distraction & Cover-Up?

While NASA has been launching project after project over the years in a continual supposed search for extra-terrestrial life on distant planets in other solar systems, they indirectly deny finding any so far, including in our own solar system, or even right here in Earth's atmosphere.

“While we’re excited about the latest findings from NASA’s Kepler space observatory, there’s no pending announcement regarding extraterrestrial life. For years NASA has expressed interest in searching for signs of life beyond Earth. We have a number of science missions that are moving forward with the goal of seeking signs of past and present life on Mars and ocean worlds in the outer solar system. While we do not yet have answers, we will continue to work to address the fundamental question, ‘are we alone?’” - Laurie Cantillo, NASA Lead Communications Specialist

So why is NASA denying the existence of UFO's and aliens when their own astronauts present contrary eyewitness accounts? Are the expensive interstellar NASA projects really just for gathering information about the nature of the universe and finding distant planets to occupy? Is NASA making secret deals with extra-terrestrial civilizations and using their projects as a front to enable continual development? 

What do you think?

Alleged UFO Sighting on May 16, 1808 in Biskopsberga, Sweden

For as far as written history permits us to remember, mankind has always witnessed strange things happen in the skies, which people, by the standards of that particular time, have not been able to explain adequately. The sighting of an unidentified flying object or UFO is not a rare phenomenon, and many of these occurrences over the years have been carefully studied and subsequently debunked, while others remain as mysteries that baffle even the best of us. Among those which are left unexplained, many of these UFO sightings are believed to be flying spaceships of extraterrestrial beings.

However, not all unidentified flying objects are potential alien spacecraft. Some are even stranger. One such remarkable and unexplained phenomenon took place in a small village in Sweden over 200 years ago.

UFO Sighting on May 16, 1808 in Biskopsberga, Sweden

On May 16, 1808, civilians living in the small village of Biskopsberga - which is located near Skanninge in Ostergotland, Sweden – witnessed a strange event which cannot be easily explained. At present, the village no longer exists, but at the time of the unusual phenomenon, it was the home of around 300 inhabitants.

The UFO sighting took place in a hot and cloudless afternoon. The wind was blowing from the west. People were still preoccupied with working on their farms when they noticed that the sun shining over their village suddenly dimmed, turning into a dull brick-red shade. The sunlight became so dark that villagers could stare right into the sun without feeling any kind of pain in their eyes.

At the same time that darkness engulfed the small village, a large number of spherical objects appeared from the western horizon. These unidentified objects appeared small, and they measured just several inches in diameter. They appeared dark brown in color and they seemed to be headed toward the sun. Then, as these strange figures got closer to the sun, they changed their colors from dark brown to black.

For some unknown reason, the spherical objects changed their course slightly, moving in a straight procession across the sky to the eastern horizon. When these small figures approached the sun, they reduced their speed, only to increase their pace again after passing in front of it. The strange phenomenon didn’t stop there. For a significant period of time, new spheres appeared from the west and subsequently disappeared when they reached the east.

That afternoon, the number of spheres flying across the village’s sky was so many that it became impossible to count them. In the eyes of the villagers, it seemed as if millions of small balls were, for reasons unknown to them, suddenly flying in the heavens.

According to the Transactions of the Swedish Academy of Sciences from 1808, “the phenomenon lasted uninterruptedly, upwards of two hours, during which time millions of similar bodies continually rose in the west, one after the other irregularly, and continued their career in exactly the same manner.”

One of the witnesses of this unusual phenomenon in the skies over Biskopsberga was K.G. Wettermark, who was a respectable citizen and secretary of the Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Not far from where Wettermark stood, one of the spheres fell down to the ground, and he managed to observe the ball’s behavior when it did. He noticed that just before these spheres touched the ground, they looked like air-bubbles which children used to play with and produce from soapsuds using a reed. Moreover, he immediately examined a spot where one of the balls had fallen, and he saw nothing but a scarcely perceptible gelatinous film which was as thin and fine as a cobweb. It was still changing colors, but it soon dried up entirely and vanished without a trace.

What were these weird bubbles? Why were there so many of them flying in the skies that afternoon? And why did it seem like they were capable of consciously changing the course of their movement?

The older the UFO sighting, the harder it is to investigate and explain. Most likely, the alleged UFO sighting in the skies of Biskopsberga, Sweden in 1808 was nothing more than a natural phenomenon that could not be explained by the scientific knowledge available at the time. And even if modern science is capable of resolving this mystery, a strange case like this one can be very difficult to study as such phenomena occur so rarely.

Similar Incident in Basel, Switzerland in 1566

A similar, although not entirely identical incident occurred in Basel, Switzerland on August 7, 1566. At the time, citizens of the city saw a large number of black spheres fill the skies. Not only did these objects appear to be flying towards the sun, they also looked like they were engaged in some sort of aerial battle.

The UFO sighting in Switzerland in 1566 took place at the time when the sun rose. People saw many large black balls that moved at great speed in the skies, flying toward the sun. These figures also made half-turns, with each one banging against the others as if they were engaged in fierce combat. Many of them turned red and igneous before they were consumed and died out. The strange phenomenon lasted for several hours that day before disappearing completely.

The main difference between the sighting in Sweden in the 19th century and the odd occurrence in Switzerland in the 16th century is that the black spheres in Switzerland were unable to survive the heat from the sun. The spherical objects seen in Sweden, on the other hand, changed direction when they approached the sun.

Without a doubt, the inhabitants of Biskopsberga were confused and puzzled by what they had seen happen in their skies. The Swedes didn’t succeed in solving the mystery, and not a single person got closer to the truth even after the UFO sighting in the village that day was published in the North American Review in 1816.

At present, there are several theories that have been presented, speculating on what the strange UFO phenomenon in Sweden in 1808 really was. However, just as when the eerie occurrence took place around 200 years ago, no one really knows the answer for sure until now.

And so, it is safe to say that this particular case of UFO sighting remains unsolved.

The Black Knight Alien Satellite

    This black knight is not at all related to the bat-costumed dark knight that we know all too well. In fact, many people think it’s an alien satellite that has been kept secret by NASA and the government for more than a decade since it was first discovered. Over the decades, there have been many sightings of the strange object, but no one knows why it’s up there floating in space. All reports from US, Russia, And Europe in general say that the satellite is of “unknown origin”. So what is this curious object anyway? When was it discovered? What does it do? What is its purpose? Let’s start from the very beginning.

    Although there are varied opinions, it is generally believed that Nikola Tesla was the one who “discovered” the black knight when he set up a magnifying transmitter at his Colorado Springs facility in 1899 to investigate wireless distribution of electricity. What he didn’t expect were strange signals that were repeated periodically with number and order. They were timed pulses coming as ...1, ...2, ...3, that led him to believe that the signal was coming from an extraterrestrial source. Tesla originally thought that the signals were being sent from Mars, but he later restated that the signal was actually coming from another part of space. It’s not surprising that Tesla associated the signal with alien intervention, because a lot of people believe that Tesla has had contact with aliens. It is believed that he received information from aliens in a number of different cases. For example, once he was trying to find an equation/principle for the AC machine and suddenly, out of nowhere, he got the answer via telepathy or from an unknown source. Apparently he also invented many things for the government that were kept from the public, but that’s another story on it’s own.


    Not long afterward Tesla’s discovery, Guglielmo Marconi, Italian inventor and electrical engineer, was also intercepted by a strange unknown artificial signal. He found that some of his morse code messages were being returned to him, which fascinated and frightened him at the same time.

     Following his discovery in 1927, another man named Jorgen Hals, a civil engineer in Oslo, was using a radio receiver to listen to shortwave transmissions and noticed something very peculiar was happening. His signals were being reflected back to him. He didn’t know what it was, but the echoes were being reflected back to him at strange intervals ranging from 3-15 seconds. These irregularly reflected intervals were later known to be LDES, or Long Delayed Echoes.

    After the occurrence of all of these events that might have been related to alien interaction (especially the LDES),  the press was majorly stirred up. From 1928 to 1930, a experiments were performed that tested the legitimacy of the reflected signals, and it turned out that they were very real indeed. The only problem was that no one had an explanation for the signals’ reflections. As a result, even more experiments were run in France and the UK in the 1930's, but at the end of the day scientists could do nothing but be confused and speechless. Even today, we don’t have an agreed upon explanation for the occurrence and location of these LDES.

    Of course, after the experiments were run, the black knight became an even hotter topic for many news outlets, and the first story of the alien shuttle appeared on May 14th, 1954 when St. Louis Dispatch and The SF Examiner wrote about it, explaining that the U.S had found a strange satellite in space and that it could possibly be a surveillance satellite launched by the Russians.

     Then, on August 23, 1954, another story was released about the Black Knight, this time by the tech mag Aviation Week and Space Technology. They basically told the world that the Pentagon found two satellites orbiting the earth, both of which were natural. The pentagon was furious when they heard about the release of the story because want the satellites to be known by the public. As a result, they lied to the public and told them that the satellites were asteroids (as if anyone would actually believe them). By then the public already knew that something was up, and that either the Russians had managed to put something into orbit or there was something more...supernatural at work.

    A few years later, in March of 1960, another satellite was found orbiting earth. This satellite was a spectacular discovery because it wasn’t like the previously discovered satellites at all. It was a large black object weighing about 15 tons that was in POLAR orbit around earth, which means that it passes over polar regions and has a plane that contains the polar axis. This is amazing because first of all, the US and soviets didn’t even KNOW how to put an object in polar orbit. Second of all, neither country was capable of putting an object that weighs so much into space either. Third of all, the satellite was twice as fast as any known satellite at the time. As a result, the strange polar-orbiting satellites acquired a name: the Black Knight. No one knows for sure the origins of the name, but it’s believed that the name is based on a rocket the British had developed, which was also called Black Knight. After the amazing discovery, astronomers across the country conducted research on the satellite and realized that it had one of the strangest patterns of appearance and disappearance, because it would disappear for long periods of time before reappearing again YEARS later. 


      Stanford space scientist Ronald Bracewell had an explanation for the phenomenon and believed that the satellite was a way for a distant alien civilization to communicate with earth. He said that the aliens might have sent out a probe, or ‘Bracewell probe’ as it’s we now call it, into the universe to look for other planets that seemed promising and contained intelligent lifeforms. He said that the satellite would remain dormant until humans found a way to send signals to it, in which it would send signals back.

     Duncan Lunan, a Scottish science writer was so intrigued by Bracewell’s theory that he decided to test it out for himself. He reexamined the data from the LDE experiments of 1928 and was absolutely and completely baffled. He mapped out the delays from the echos he recorded in 1928, and found that they formed the pattern of the  Boötes constellation, a constellation the in the northern sky. Not only that, Lunan was also able to decode the message that was being conveyed from the LDE Data at a stable point between the orbits of Earth and Moon called L5. the message read:


If this doesn’t send chills down your spine, I don’t know what does.

     What’s even more amazing is that, along with the decoded message, Lunan also realized something else. Although he made his discovery in 1972, he realized that the star system he saw from the LDE data was not like the star system he saw in the skies at all. He concluded that if the black knight really was an alien probe, it must have taken ages to reach earth. He was right. By looking back in time, Lunan realized that the map he created matched how Epsilon Bootis looked like the Epsilon Bootis that was in the skies 13,000 years ago. This means that the satellite, possibly sent from a distant alien civilization, could have been orbiting the planet since pre-history.

     By then, Lunan was pretty much convinced that an alien civilization living near the Bootes constellation was trying to contact earth. It’s possible that the the same signal was also intercepted by Tesla and Macroni as well, but we will never know for sure. Sadly, since there wasn’t solid proof regarding the existence of such a supernatural satellite, people started believing the Pentagon’s excuse that the Black Knight was just some “space debris”.

     Thankfully, visual evidence of the satellite was found in 1998 when the crew of the space shuttle Endeavor was able to take high-resolution pictures of the strange black object while they were in space. The old stories of Tesla, LDES, and Lunan’s constellation map once again resurfaced in the minds of people across the country. Until today, we are still not sure what the Black Knight is, what it does, or where it comes from, but we DO know for a fact that it’s no regular satellite.